Facts Behind The Fiction

They say truth is stranger than fiction. In these cases, truth is scarier that fiction.

Just so there's no doubt, any individuals named here should be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. And, as we'll see, even then guilt may not be certain.

The Devil is sentenced to Death

In a video tape he made of himself raping and torturing a 9-year-old boy, Joseph Edward Duncan III yelled at the boy, “The devil is here, boy, the devil himself. The demon couldn’t do what the devil sent him to do so the devil came himself. The devil likes to watch children suffer and cry.”

Another convict wants the death penalty

Jerry Buck Inman is ready to die for raping and murdering Tiffany Marie Souers. Inman has spent about 18 years in prison for various other rapes. He was only out for nine months before he was arrested for the attack on Souers in May, 2006 when he left her body with her bikini top still

Accepting responsibility, even if that means death

In 1992, Michael Rodriguez became infatuated with a Texas State University co-ed and arranged to have his wife killed. While in prison for that crime he met George Rivas, a thief serving 18 life terms. Led by Rivas, Rodriguez and five other inmates broke out of prison in South Texas in December, 2000. The group

What does it take to convince you?

26 years ago, Judy Wicker hires a man to kill her husband, Troy Wicker Jr. She serves 10 years of a life sentence. Thomas Arthur is convicted of carrying out the actual murder and is sentenced to death. But Arthur insists he’s innocent and claims DNA testing will prove his innocence. He requests the tests

Two days to death

Tommy Arthur has been on death row in Alabama for nearly 25 years. In two days his long wait could end. Tommy is scheduled to be executed on Thursday night, July 31. Critical evidence in Tommy’s case still has not be subjected to DNA testing and it’s looking less and less likely that it will.