Facts Behind The Fiction

They say truth is stranger than fiction. In these cases, truth is scarier that fiction.

Just so there's no doubt, any individuals named here should be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. And, as we'll see, even then guilt may not be certain.

Common Sense?

What does it take to prove a man guilty of murder? Apparently, not much.

Willie Manning Deserves DNA Testing

If someone’s life were at stake, wouldn’t you do everything you could to make sure any decision you made was correct? Wouldn’t you take advantage of every bit of information you could lay your hands on? The Mississippi Supreme Court would not. Willie Manning is on death row for the abduction and murder of two

No Excuses?

The good state of Texas has executed another convicted murderer. This time, the recipient of the State’s unforgiving brand of justice was Marvin Wilson, convicted in the shooting death of Jerry Robert Williams in 1992. What makes this execution unsettling — well, more unsettling than some others — is the fact that Wilson had an

Englewood Four Exonerated

This month, four men from the Chicago area, dubbed the Englewood Four, were exonerated for the 1994 murder and rape of a sex worker after the State’s Attorney’s Office announced that it was dismissing the indictments against them. Their convictions were overturned after new DNA evidence implicated another man with a long history of murdering

Who Do You Blame?

To just about everyone’s shock, dismay, and even anger, Casey Anthony was found not guilty in the death of her daughter. Immediately after the jury delivered their verdict, armchair attorneys began analyzing the case, trying to determine what went wrong. Did the prosecution stumble? Did they over-reach? Should they have pursued a lesser charge? Should